But you can adjust the indicator to test lower timeframes as well. The ExpertAdvisor can handle the lower timeframes without adjustments. Here are the results for the pair AUDNZD from 2011 to 2017. Here are the results for the pair EURGBP from 2011 to 2017.

Here are the results for the pair EURUSD from 2011 to 2017. Everyone who has ever tried to program a complete mt4 copier auto-trader knows that this are results that can be used as mt4 automated trading script a basis for further improvements. If a complete auto-trader mt4 copier can make money over 15,000 trades then it definitely does something that makes sense in the context of trading. Please remember that we had a very strong trend in the year 2014. The pair EURUSD for instance moved 3,500 mt4 copier Pips downward during this year. The ExpertAdvisor, because of its logic, bought most of the time during this monster downward move.

Mt4 copier Help you.

After the forex e75 system 7 years of back-testing the "dumb" ExpertAdvisor still produced a little bit more than breakeven on the EURUSD. This is a very stable behavior for such a hft trading ea simple auto-trader. The question mt4 is copier only when should we activate the ExpertAdvisor in which direction?

Activate the ExpertAdvisor for only buying when the price mt4 copier reaches a major support zone. The ExpertAdvisor mt4 can copier stay active in the support zone for multiple buy-trades. Deactivate the ExpertAdvisor if a new trend to the upside mt4 copier emerges or the support zone gets broken aeron scalper review to the downside. Activate the ExpertAdvisor for mt4 copier only selling when the price reaches mt4 copier a major resistance zone. The ExpertAdvisor can stay active in the resistance zone for multiple sell-trades. Deactivate the ExpertAdvisor if a new trend to the downsid emerges or the resistance zone gets broken to mt4 copier the upnside.

With this deactivationactivation method you will automatically avoid the bad trading conditions "copier strong mt4 trends".

Data points and while 3D allows you to view the entire process of the data My favorite site for mt4 copier getting free End-of-Day Data, mt4 copier which I use in Amibroker for backtesting and stock screening. The venue when the price breaks the losses, the TP for the SHORT.

Mt4 copier Opting.
And I assume that mt4 copier the profit curve will go steady upwards. Therefore i have implemented this feature in mt4 copier the ExpertAdvisor. As I said, the actual version of the ExpertAdvisor only trades based on the daily timeframe. Therefore, if you want to back-test the ExpertAdvisor you mt4 copier must choose the daily timeframe in the mt4 copier strategy tester of MT4. Of course mt4 copier you can modify the source code of the indicator and the EA so that they can run on lower timeframes too, if you know how to do it. You need to put the ExpertAdvisor "mt4 SimpleTon_PivotSupResEA copier" and the indicator "FiboPiv_v2" on the chart, because the ExpertAdvisor reads the lines that the indicator is drawing. Because of the deactivationactivation feature the ExpertAdvisor does nothing without instructions! You must tell the mt4 copier ExpertAdvisor when it should start looking for mt4 copier buying opportunities. This you can simply do by putting a horizontal line or a trend line on the chart and mt4 copier then you must give this line the name "l" (small L for LONG). To tell the ExpertAdvisor that it should look for selling opportunities, then you must put a line on the chart with mt4 copier name "s" (small S for short). Obviously, if you want to allow the ExpertAdvisor buying and selling then you must put both lines on the chart.

Mt4 copier You have.

If you remove the lines then the EA will stop placing limit orders. You can download the indicator and the ExpertAdvisor mt4 copier HERE. The ExpertAdvisor calculates the support resistance zone itself. I have implemented the rectangle-feature in addition to the previous functionality. You can still switch the EA on mt4 copier with lines that have the names "l" or "s" as described above in the first version. But you can now also draw rectangles on the chart and name them "l" or "s". If you draw rectangles then the ExpertAdvisor will check if the price is between the boundaries of the rectangle (price1, price2, time1, time2). With this feature you can activate the Expert Advisor at a major support resistance area many hours or even days before the price reaches this region. Pivot Points Settings - Select the timeframe of the pivot points indicator and the trading behavior. The regular behavior is to buy at R1, R2 and R3, mt4 copier and sell at S1, S2 and S2.

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